About Air Filtration Service
  Goods Produced and/or Services Provided
 Air Filtration Service, Inc. (AFS) sells and installs air filtration products for commercial and industrial HVAC systems.  Our service provides the customer value through top quality filters that are changed on a recurring, consistent schedule resulting in optimum efficiency for the customer’s HVAC systems.
 Facilities and Location(s)
 AFS has its home office / warehouse in Chattanooga,Tennessee.  Territory covered includes middle TN, southeast TN, northwest GA and northern AL.
 AFS services commercial and industrial businesses ranging in size from 2 to 1,200 filters and has over 2,000 service addresses.
 The History of AFS
 AFS was founded in 1987 as a franchise in Chattanooga. Steve Holley bought the company in 1990 then soon changed the name to Air Filtration Service.  AFS has grown at an average annual rate of over 10% and has always been profitable.  Several key employees have many years of filter experience.

Management Philosophy

  AFS believes in an honest, open work environment where management and employees can freely exchange thoughts and ideas.  AFS values the employee and believes in performance-based evaluations and compensation.  AFS strives to provide an environment for quality service, safety, personal growth and achievement.

 AFS has the explicit goal of providing customers with consistent, quality, efficient service at a reasonable price, while maintaining a safe, interesting and rewarding career for it’s employees.